Halloween With Toddlers

Guess what this little moppet is going to be for Halloween?  The photo should give you a hint…

I recommend getting them a sturdy costume early and letting them wear it and being familiar and comfortable in it before the big night.   Halloween for a toddler can be a little unnerving.  Letting them be familiar with their own costume is one step to a more relaxed day/evening.   Also, don’t pack that costume away after Halloween, keep it in their closet so they can dress up in it for great imagination play.  Stock up on capes, and other dress up accessories at the after Halloween sales.

Give toddlers SIMPLE crafts.  Do not expect them to be Pinterest results.  Give them simple supplies and let them create.  Here I gave my granddaughter black paper and white chalk.

If they don’t pick up the chalk and start coloring right away, you start coloring or get an older sibling to color and they will probably join in the fun.  If not, try again later.

A pumpkin (any size) and some paint is a great craft for toddlers.  I also gave her google eyes to stick in the wet paint, which I later hot glued on so they wouldn’t fall off.

If you want to make their creation a keeper, spray it with a clear sealer or protective spray, even hairspray will seal a chalk picture pretty well.

Keep your eyes open for simple to do pumpkin decorating kits in the dollar section of Target, craft stores etc.  Look for kits that have stickers, toddlers love stickers right?!?  Try to be easy-going about the results.  If they want to put eyes down below, mouth up above, let it be!  (the best price pumpkin I have seen is Trader Joe’s for medium and exotic pumpkins, Wal-Mart for large)

I’m enjoying seeing pumpkins everywhere!  Slow down and look at them with your toddler in the stores,  talk about the sizes and shapes and colors.

‘Slow down’ is the general rule with toddlers,  if you have one, you know this!  Pray for patience every morning,  There will be many times you have to hurry them along but whenever you possibly can, let them stop and look at an ant, or take a few minutes to let them try to put on their own shoes.  It will ease your guilt when you have to hurry them along.







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