Autumn Apple Activities

If you are not quite ready for pumpkin activities yet, don’t forget about the other autumn fruit;  the apple!   Here are some apple activities I did with my grandkids over a couple of days time.


Reading a book about apples is a great way to get children in an apple frame of mind.  I found two books at the library about apple orchards.


After reading a couple of books, they were needing some run around time to get some energy out.  If you read my posts, you know I like the do a calm and then and active and then a calm and then an active.  For our active, we threw a little red ball, which I called an apple, into a box.

These little leaf mints are a mild green tea mint from Trader Joe’s.  We called them apple leaves.

We talked about “apple starts with the letter A sound” and found some other short A sound words and put them in a bag.  Later in the day, we found a toy alligator and added that to our ant, avocado and apple.  I chose not to talk about long A word,s even though Brodey is old enough, this is Brinley’s first time talking about letter sounds, she is two now, so I just started introducing her to letter sounds.


I brought a variety of apples for them to look, see and taste.  We liked the Fuji variety the best.


We discovered that if I cut the apple down through the core, they could ‘cut’ the rest of the way through with their wooden play knife.

And if you cut it across the core, there was is star hidden inside each apple!


They looked at the seeds and the ‘star’ with a magnifying glass, which led to looking at other things with the magnifier.  Brodey liked looking at his bugs he had made out of Play Doh.


We dipped the apples in food coloring, and ‘painted’ with it.  If you do this, maybe try using red paint instead.  The food coloring was too thin, I thought that would be better but it actually needed to be thicker.  Also, washable paint doesn’t stress me out like the food coloring did, thankfully it only stained our hands!


I pulled out the produce from their play kitchen, along with a Brinley’s shopping cart and Brodey’s cash register, and chef clothes.


I had cut an apple shape out of cardstock and tore up some tissue paper.  Brinley brushed the glue on the apple shape to glue on the red and green tissue.  Sometimes it seems like its more time to set up and clean up than she actually ‘does’ the project, but I think its important to do it anyway.


After a little more running around, we read some books about autumn.


The next day, we read the book, Ten Apples Up On Top, which led to trying to stack apples on and off of their head….


We snacked on apple wedges, of course.  Also, yesterday they had applesauce, which they usually eat in the pouches so I brought the little cups and neither one of them wanted to eat it, so I gave them the pouches, cuz I’m grandma!


The book, pretty much set the tone for all of our activities for the day.  I brought ten apples for them to count and Little Miss Brinley liked arranging them.   She moved them from the tv stand, to Brodey’s chair, to the kitchen set.


I printed this apple tree and apples on

for Brodey to do while Brinley was asleep.  I told him how many apples to put on the tree and also threw in some easy math equations such as, “put eight apples on the tree, now what do you need to do so you will have seven apples?”   He knew he had to remove one.  “Now what do you need to do to have nine apples on the tree?”

For one of our active times, I put on music and gave them each an apple, randomly calling out for them to put the apple on their  cheek, or on their shoulder etc as they danced and jumped around.


Our whole day wasn’t completely apple activities, they built forts (or ‘forks’ as Brinley calls them), out of couch cushions and blankets, and played with toys as well.

They didn’t always both participate in every activity and I didn’t make them since I’m grandma.  Sometimes it’s fun to just have one child participate anyway, so I can focus on them.

Brinley is loving the apple theme more than Brodey is, so I will probably just do one more day of apples before heading on to pumpkin or other autumn themes.  I hope you will try some or all of these awesome apple activities with your children!




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