Getting Started With Halloween Decorations

Are you feeling overwhelmed about decorating your house or office for Halloween?  My advice is:  don’t try to do it all at once. Start with one table or fireplace mantle or the entrance.  Later, you can add pumpkins etc.

I went to Michaels craft store to get inspired.  It was actually my second trip to Michaels.  I went over the weekend and saw they had all their Halloween decorations 50% off!  I felt too overwhelmed and the store was pretty busy so I left, but kept thinking about that 50% off sale.  Today, I went back, just to find items to decorate my sofa table.

I started with the black candelabra,  then I added the black candlesticks.  Black taper candles would have been the obvious choice for me but they didn’t have any, so I bought black glittery battery operated candles.  I may end up switching them if I come across black tapers somewhere.  They also had these little black bird candles.  So cute!  and in the end, i think if I had bought black tapers for ALL the candle holders, it would have been too many tall, thin items.

The votive candle holders had different skeletal parts on them.  I chose the skull section and just got one


I thought this beaker was a unique Halloween decorating idea and I put another one of the battery candles inside.  I’m not sure if I like the black candle, eventually, I will see how a white one looks.

These candle sticks are two different sizes.  It’s easier to decorate with two sizes, if you want my opinion.  I like the look of them together.  If they were the same size I would put one on each end of the table for symmetry.  I really like these little black bird candles that I sat on top.

 I bought two table coverings, both the same, one for the console to lighten it up since I have dark furniture and the majority of the decorations were dark.  One went on the dining room table.

I know when you decorate, its good to have levels, and elevate some things,  but I think since my items have a variety of heights I can get away with this look. If I had old books, I might elevate something on a stack of books, or I could put the skull on a plate stand but I don’t have one of those either, nor do I have the room to store them so sometimes I have to say –‘good enough’.   I can always tweak it later.

I picked up four of these plastic jars and some black “chalkboard’ label stickers.

The decals fit right over the labels on the lids and actually left a tiny green trim which I liked.   These will be filled with candy and maybe a trinket for the boys I nanny and my grandkids.  I will give them to them before Halloween, since they will already be bombarded with so much candy, to spread it out a little.

 I did  a trial run on a bloody hand that I want to make with the ten year old boys I nanny.   We do a version every year with candy inside, or popcorn and either put fingernails on it, or a bat ring from the party store.  this time I think we will stand it up on a jar or cup with treats and splatter with red paint.  I will show them this and see where their imagination takes it and let you know.

I’m looking forward to decorating pumpkins.  I start out the season by painting, rather than cutting, so they last until Halloween.


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