Halloween Pumpkins

Happy Halloween!  I’m going to do a quick collage post of all the pumpkins I made this month either myself,  with my grandkids or the boys I nanny.  There’s still time to make one today or save the ideas for next October.

One of the boys I nanny, used a stencil for carving his pumpkin, he traced it with marker and then cut with pumpkin carving tools.  Choose a stencil that doesn’t have too much tiny detail.  Even these flames were hard to cut around for a 10 year old.

My granddaughter is a lover of all things Elmo so we painted a pumpkin red.  We used kids paints so it did chip easily when it dried.  We drew pupils on white ping pong balls for eyes.  An orange ping ball nose made a great nose.  All three ping pong balls were glued into place with a dot of hot glue and I drew a mouth on Elmo, which I admit should have been larger.  She loved painting him!

This pumpkin, inspired by a denim jacket, was painted with a blue acrylic paint that I already had in my art cupboard, using a foam paint brush, although a bristle brush would work just as well but I wanted the larger size of my sponge brush.  After the paint dried, I simply stuck in tacks (the old fashioned thumb tacks) in the creases of the pumpkin.  Easy!

I first hollowed out pie pumpkins and fit it with a plastic cup inside for water.  Then I painted them off white , let it dry and then glued a rubber fly on the side of one.  The final step was putting flowers in the cups inside the pumpkins.  The third pumpkin is simply left whole and painted with gold spray paint.

The hollowed out, painted ones did not last more than a couple days before they needed to be thrown out. 


This pumpkin could go either way,  I think I liked it better plain gold but it depends on the look you are going for.   I was just trying to make it look antiqued and it turned out more black than I anticipated.  After spray painting gold and letting it dry, I painted acrylic paint in black over it.  While it was still wet, I rubbed the black paint off as much as possible, letting the gold show through.

Give kids of all ages, pumpkins of any size and let them paint them.  Brinley, 2 years old, painted this one black and glued googly eyes on it.

There’s also pumpkin decorating kits you can purchase cheaply and less mess!




This is my favorite pumpkin,  I had a piece of lace in my art cabinet so I laid in on the pumpkin, working in sections, I spray painted the pumpkin with black paint.

Go grab a pumpkin, real or fake, and decorate it!  I used all real pumpkins because I love them (and the seeds, see a previous post for pumpkin seed roasting recipe)  Have a fun day!


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