Teaching Toddlers and Preschoolers the Letter H

We learned the letter the week before Halloween so some of our activities were decorating a pumpkin and wearing their costumes.  Everything Halloween was then incorporated into our letter lesson.  If you are teaching the letter at another time of the year, here are our other things we did, although I think your kids would think it’s fun to get out some Halloween things any time of year!

Lunch included hard-boiled eggs.  Substitute or add any foods you have that your kids enjoy, although I can’t think of too many.  There’s ham, HoHos  and honey, and anything you serve that is hot.

Look around their room for any toys that begin with H, such as this hippo that we put on each others heads.  You could also do hands, of course but they had fun putting them on their heads.


Brinley is a toddler, so she used Halloween stickers and a horse stamp to make a picture while Brodey, who is four, worked on the letter pages in his workbooks.

 I didn’t plan too many other projects since we were doing Halloween activities this week.   If you do not want to incorporate Halloween things, just look around the house for ideas, including your house!  Or play with a toy house, or a horse.   Sing “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands”  For large motor skill activities that will release some energy, you could hop, play with a Hackysack, hike a hill, or dig a hole.   Give them all their foods in halves today to teach them that math concept.  Is it near Christmas time when you are teaching H?  How about HOHOHO!  Put up a plaque and point out the H‘s.  Want to include music today?  Teach them how to hum.  If your child likes art, trace his hands on a dish towel and let him decorate with fabric markers (bonus: you can make a towel for someone as a gift along with a hug!)

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    1. It’s not to early to point to a letter on his blocks or wherever he sees them, and tell him what the letter is called, much as you would point to a dog and say “dog”.
      Thanks for reading! Let me know if you want me to do a post for that age specifically.

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