Teaching the letter I to Toddlers and Preschoolers

I’m excited to tell you about our letter I activities because we had so much fun with I words!  Usually, I choose one of the sounds a letter makes and focus on only those words but this week, I kept telling them about the long and short sounds that I makes.  Of course, for my insect loving grandson, I was excited to do some insect investigating!  When I told him we were doing the letter I and insect begins with the letter I, he said, “I’ve been waiting my whole life for this!!”

He made every insect pictured in an insect book out of Play Doh.


I had printed some insect coloring pages for them to color.  They wanted me to cut them out so they could play with them.


We read books about Inuits.  (People that live in the Arctic Circle)


They dressed in hats and mittens and sweaters so we could pretend they were Inuits that live in the Arctic.


We built an “igloo” by putting blankets around their bunk bed and looked up pictures on the iPad of other locations beginning with the letter I such as, Illinois, Indiana, Iceland, and Idaho.


We made ice in an ice-cube tray, taking it out after an hour, which is how long  Brodey guessed it would take for the water to become ice.  It was ice on top but still water on the lower part of each section.   We put it back in the freezer.


The next day, we popped the ice cubes out to play with them.  Brinley was more interested in playing with the ice than Brodey.  She slid the cubes around on a plate and liked the coldness.

Since her plate had Mickey Mouse on it, I said, “put the ice on Mickey’s foot…leg..ear…etc”

We talked about ice fishing and played with a fishing game.  Brodey said it didn’t seem like we were ice fishing since the base was a crab.

So I cut a circle from a sheet of white card stock to make it more realistic.


I printed some letter I pages for Brodey to trace and even found an Elmo with an igloo picture for Brinley to color.

When we read about Inuits, we learned about the dog sleds that they use for transportation.  I pretended to be a dog pulling them on an old paint sheet as our “sled” This was so fun for all of us and I got some exercise pulling them around their apartment.



For the grand finale to our I week, they glued sugar cubes on an igloo picture that I had printed and glued to a piece of cardstock to make it more sturdy.

That concludes our super fun I week, let me know if you try any of these ideas with your kids.

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