Simple Tips for Decorating Your Christmas Tree

Whether you are using a real or an artificial Christmas tree, tis the season to get your decorations on!  While I am by no stretch of the imagination, a decorator, nor a good arranger, I have learned a thing a two that help me.


I will start by saying how happy it made me to open my tree decoration boxes and see how organized they were!  I forgot i did this when i pit them away back in january  see my post on putting away decorations


The store-bought hooks are convenient, but you don’t have to use them as is.  You don’t want every ornament dangling down like those hooks are designed to do.  Most of my tree ornament hooks look like this..


i bend them to make them hug the ornament up against the branch.

You can also tie them on with ribbon.

Really look at your Christmas tree when putting the ornaments because decoration placement can hide your trees flaws.  Put a large ornament in a gap or use a heavy ornament to pull a branch down.

Use a variety of shapes and textures if you can. It will add more interest to your Christmas tree.

You can use a theme or a variety of family collected ornaments that tell your family’s memories. If you go with a theme, i like to match the room its in, although that is not necessary.  Since we live by the ocean, this  year i just used my silver, white and blue ornaments and added starfish to make it an ocean theme.

Alternative themes to get you going:  All metallic for a contemporary look.  Fabric and wooden ornaments with old toys, string popcorn and cranberries,  for an old fashioned christmas tree.  Pinecones, plaid ribbon, little sled ornaments, tiny paper snowflakes for a cabin look, your theme could just be a color combination:  classic red and green, silver and gold, or whatever color matches the room.  Have fun going to a store and finding a look you love.

I made these starfish ornaments. My husband thinks i should make more and sell them, what do you  think?  Where would i sell them?  Etsy?  How much would i sell them for to make it worth it?  Give me your opinion in the comments please.

If you have a toddler that is old enough to get him/her self to the tree and pull ornaments off, be sure the lower half of the tree is unbreakable ornaments. You could just do a tabletop tree.  Or show your parental sense of humor and only decorate the top half!

Whatever decorations you put on your Christmas tree, don’t take it too seriously!  Have fun and have a very Merry Christmas from our home to yours!  I would love it if you would post a photo of your Christmas tree in the comments below.


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