Gingerbread House

I know you’re probably thinking that I’m a bit late writing a post about gingerbread houses, but a friend of mine suggested I should write a post about gingerbread house decorating.   Pin or save this to use next year, or use it the ideas decorate  gingerbread for another occasion.  We decorated a gingerbread turkey for Thanksgiving as well as a Hanukkah house with the boys I nanny .  Why not decorate a valentine gingerbread house?  If you see a kit on sale half price after Christmas, make it work for valentine’s day!   Buy some red candy on sale while you’re at it, for decorating your valentine house.

This is us decorating a turkey made from gingerbread. Sorry I didn’t take a photo from the front.

 You can set it up for your family to decorate while you are gathered to celebrate a holiday or have a party especially for decorating gingerbread.

The gingerbread kits always come with a sparse selection of decorations so kick it up with cereal, pretzels, candy, crackers, or whatever else you see while wandering the aisles.  If you are having a gingerbread decorating party, consider asking everyone to bring a decorating supply.  You should provide the frosting.  The kit usually comes with frosting and a piping bag.  Buy extra frosting from you grocers bakery department.  It’s cheap and a better texture than canned frosting.

In bowls we had graham crackers, Frosted Shredded Wheat, sugar cubes, white and green bakery frosting, Golden Grahams, the candies that came with the kit, gummy bunnies, ice cream cones and gingerbread man cookies.

Build your house, or whatever gingerbread you are making, ahead of time so it can be dry and ready to for decorating.  It takes too long to build to keep everyone’s attention and the frosting isn’t stable until it dries completely.

Set out bowls of supplies, and some plastic knives and spoons.  If there are very young children, use popsicle sticks for spreading the frosting.

The boys I nanny decorated a Hanukkah house for a couple of years in a row. We used blue and yellow decorations and candy stars and sprinkles.


A few years ago, we made our gingerbread house into a log cabin by using large  pretzel ‘logs’.







Gingerbread house decorating is fun for all ages;  grown ups and kids alike!


Different combinations of people sat and decorated together and added their touch to the house.   We decorate our gingerbread house on Christmas Eve since we do pajama gifts and that’s no fun for the little kids.  Then we use it for a centerpiece on our Christmas table.

The ice cream cones were turned upside down and frosted green for trees and decorated with candy lights that came with the gingerbread house kit.  There is a Golden Graham sidewalk, sugar cube snow clumps, Frosted Mini Wheats thatched the roof and sugar cubes were laid for a patio with a graham cracker fence.  A sled was created with window pane shaped pretzels and graham crackers.  Various candies were freely used to decorate the house and gummy bunnies frolicked in the yard.

I’ve convinced myself while writing this post that I need to make a valentine gingerbread of some sort.   A heart?  A mailbox for valentines?  A house dripping with pink and red?  The possibilities are endless!

How about a patriotic decorated house for the Fourth of July?  With red, white and blue candies, gumballs,  sprinkles and chewy candies.

A gingerbread bird house in the spring…a castle to go with  a birthday party theme.  Let your imagination soar!



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