Countdown to Valentines Day-make a Valentine Advent!


I know, Advent calendars are for Christmas!  But let’s make one for the kid in our life to have a valentine’s day countdown!  I made an advent calendar for each of my grandkids for Christmas and when it was almost completed, Brodey asked if we could do another advent counting down to another special day  Of course, I said ‘Yes’ and knowing it would be fun to do have a Valentines Day countdown.

I am calling it an advent calendar because Brodey does.  I looked up what advent meant and it is the anticipation and looking forward to the birth of Christ.  This will be just the anticipation part of the definition but we are to always looking forward to the second coming of Jesus Christ so that counts, right?

These are the advent calendars I made for Christmas:

Each envelope had a Christmas sticker and a number on it.  So whatever date they were on, they got to open that envelope– you know how it works right?  They loved it!  My daughter said they would wake up and want to open the envelope right away.  It was hung in the hallway  right outside their  bedroom so, of course, they couldn’t forget.  As the calendar disappeared, Brodey (4 years old) suggested we do another one to count down to something else that was special.

I gathered  some small trinkets;  realistic plastic insects for Brodey because he is 80% all about insects right now,   Disney characters and other ‘2 year old’ toys for Brinley.  They both got a couple of surprise eggs and valentine candy.  This should be totally customized to the child.  Keep your eyes open for small-sized toys while you are at Michael’s, Wal-Mart and the Party store for example.  I’m starting our Valentine’s Day countdown on February first so I gathered 14 things each.

The insects were large so my little envelopes from the Christmas calendar wouldn’t work for the Valentines day advent.   I went with party, goody bags because it’s what i found that would fit my surprises.  They were not the best choice because they are see- through and slippery.  To solve these issues I wrapped tissue paper around the toy and candy in each bag and used larger (regular sized ) clothes pins to clip them to  the rope.  I’m going to write the numbers on the clothes pins with a Sharpie marker.

I haven’t given the advent calendars to them yet since it would be torture for them to see it and have to wait, but I’m hoping they will stay up with the rope and tack system I used in December.

I put one toy and 2 miniature valentine chocolates in each bag.

Comment below if you do a valentine’s day countdown and what you put inside!  I would love to hear from you!  Or Pin It and save it for another holiday.

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